The storage Method of Xinyang Maojian Tea

Published: Monday 11 December, 2017

  • Avoid high temperature: the best preservation temperature of Xinyang Maojian is 0-5. The amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and aromatic substances in the tea will be decomposed and destroyed, and the quality, aroma and taste of tea will be reduced.
  • Avoid wet: Xinyang Maojian is a porous hydrophilic substance so it has a very strong moisture absorption. It's more suitable to keep 60% relative humidity when you store it.
  • Avoid odor: Xinyang Mao Jian contains polymer palmitate and terpenoid compounds. This kind of material is extremely unstable and can absorb the odor. Therefore, if  Xinyang Maojian Tea is stored with the ordrous items , it will absorb the odor and can not be removed.
  • Avoid sunlight: sunlight will promote the oxidation of green tea pigment and ester substances, and can decompose chlorophyll into magnesium demagnesium chlorophyll.
  • Oxygen isolation: chlorophyll, aldehydes, esters, vitamin C and so on are easy to combine with oxygen in air. After oxidation, the soup of Xinyang Maojian Tea will become brown, yellow and dark and the value of nutrition is greatly reduced.