The reason why tea can't sober you up

Published: Monday 22 January, 2018

In our daily life, if someone drink too much, his friends may advise him to drink dark tea to sober up. They consider it as a common effect that urine will increase and alcohol will be let out after drinking tea. Actually drinking tea make us feel free, but it's harmful to our body if we often do this. 

Tea can sober a man up is a acient tale. Many people also use thick dark tea. However, it makes no sense but harm your kidney. Li Shi Zhen writed an particular statement in his famous medical book Compendium of Materia Medica, "Drunk drinking tea injures kidney, weights waist and leg, makes bladder cold and pain, and even causes phlegm edema or diabetes". Modern medicine also confirmed that drunk drinking, especially drinking thick tea, will have a negative impact on the kidneys. Alcohol in the body's metabolic process is first carried out in the liver. When alcohol comes into the liver, with the role of oxidase, it will be first oxidated to acetaldehyde, and then be oxidized to acetic acid. When acetic acid has been oxidized to carbon dioxide and water, it will be Respectively discharged by the kidneys and lungs. 

The main component of dark tea theophylline has a diuretic effect. The more you drink dark tea, the quicker theophylline works. It promotes acetaldehyde of premature decomposition to get into the kidney; and acetaldehyde is destructive to the urinary system. If you often drunk drinking tea, it is easy to cause frequent urination and turbid, and dry stool and other diseases. Medical research also shows that alcohol is very irritating to the cardiovascular system, while thick tea also has the effect of stimulating the heart. The combination of the two also adds the stimulation to heart, which is detrimental to people with poor cardiac function.

Black tea not only can not sober you up, but also increase the harm to body. After drinking, you can eat some citrus, pears, apples and other fruits, or drink watermelon juice better. If no fruits here, brew a cup of red sugar water can also help you waking up. So drink less alcohol but more tea.