The Features and Benefits of Emei Bamboo-leaf-green Tea(Zhuyeqing)

Published: Friday 15 December, 2017

 Emei Bamboo -leaf-green Tea has flat and smooth appearance. The leaf is straight and beautiful with light green color. This tea has strong fragrance, bright and green tea soup, fresh and mellow taste. The tea leaves used to produce Bamboo -leaf-green Tea are very fresh and tender  and the processing technology is very fine. Tea farmers usually pick the leaves 3-5 days before Qingming. The picking standard requires one leave with one bud or two leaves with one bud. After proper placement, the tea leaves should be dried and shaped by high-temperature green-killing , three frying and cooling, shaking, grasping, pressing and other techniques. After that, baking tea leaves. This step will make the fragrance of tea become more strong.

 Bamboo -leaf-green Tea  has relieving summer heat, reducing internal heat phlegm effect. So, it's a good choice for food therapy. But please remember not to drink too much tea.