Strange Customs of Drinking Tea Customs in the World

Published: Thursday 19 April, 2018

Tea is one of the three famous drinks in the world. There are many people from all over the world like drinking tea. Different regions will also have different styles of tea drinking because of their different historical backgrounds, cultural traditions and living environment. Today, we will introduce some  interesting tea drinking tradition of 10 regions .



People who have been to Morocco should all know how important peppermint tea is to the North African people. Peppermint tea is cooked with green tea and peppermint leaves, added lots of sugar, and poured from high into a delicate cup. In Maghreb area, if guests refuse to accept mint tea provided by their owners, it will be considered a very rude behavior.



Tibet people like to add yak oil and salt into tea. This kind tea has high fat content and high calorie, which can help Tibetans resist the cold weather in Himalaya Range.



In Pakistan, black tea and green tea are more popular, but the most striking is Nuercha . This kind tea is pink, with milk, pistachio, almond and spices.



Traditionally in Russia, tea is cooked in a pot called samovar. The bottom of Samova is used for boiling water, and there is a small teapot at the top, which contains concentrated tea. When they drink tea, the Russians pour some concentrated tea into the cup, then add boiling water, and transfer the tea to their favorite concentration.



If you haven't been to Japan, it's hard to appreciate the elegant Japanese tea ceremony. Japanese tea ceremony is influenced by Zen Buddhism, the most commonly used tea is green tea powder.



After the restoration of Stuart, tea began to be spread from China to Britain. In September 1660, a person called Samuel Pepys wrote in his diary, "I have a cup of tea. It's a Chinese drink. I've never had it before." Nowadays, the British drink 120000000 cups of tea a day.



The summer in the southern part of the United States is very hot, which is why local residents do not drink hot tea long ago. They love drinking a cold tea, adding a lot of sugar and ice . This kind tea is most suitable for drinking in the summer season.



Indians like drinking tea as well as the British. In India, tea is called "Chai". When you drink it, you usually add milk and sugar. Visitors can buy "chai" in  many stalls.



Thailand tea usually takes black tea as the base tea, adding sugar, concentrated milk (or dehydrated milk), star anise and other spices, belonging to cold drinks.



Masala Chai is an aromatic tea drink, which is said to originate during the British rule of India (1858-1947), when the British businessmen encouraged Indians to start drinking tea. Indians like to add milk, sugar and spices to tea. Nowadays, this kind of tea is very popular in South Asia.

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