Knowledge about Brewing Jingting Green Snow Tea

Published: Friday 19 January, 2018

Tea set: People usually use glass cup, porcelain cup or teabowl to brew Jingting Green Snow tea. These tea sets can set off the green color of tea leaves and tea soup.

The quality of water:The water used to brewing Jingting Green Snow Tea should be in good quality. People usually use clean and high quality mineral water purified or running water to brew the tea. The PH value of water should be neutral or slightly acidic. Alkaline water will make tea soup become dark.

The temperature of water: The temperature of water should be 80 degree. Quality Jingting Green Snow Tea will be destroyed and become yellow under high temperature. The tea polyphenols contained in tea will also oxidize under high temperature, which will make the tea soup yellow. A lot of aromatic substances will also evaporate quickly under high temperature, which will make the tea soup lose its fragrance.

The ratio of tea to water: 1:50 to 1:60(that is,  50ml to 60ml water for a gram of tea ) is suitable.