How to store your Taiwan Sun Moon Lake Black Tea

Published: Wednesday 17 January, 2018

Quicklime Storage method
Pack the tea leaves, arrange them to a layered ring in a ceramic can, fill a piece of cloth with quicklime and put it in the middle of tea leaves, seal the can and set it in a dry and cool place.

Charcoal Storage Method
Put 1kg Charcoal into a cloth bag, put the bag in the bottom of a iron box or a crock, array the packed tea leaves upon the charcoal until the box or the box is full, then make a seal (The charcoal should be replaced once a month).

Thermos Storage Method
Put your tea into a new thermos, seal the thermos with wax and wrap it by tape.

Chemical Storage Method
Put your tea into a thicker plastic bag, set some oxygen scavenger in a corner of the bag, then seal it.

Refrigerated Storage Method
Put the new tea contains less than 6% water into the iron or wooden tea cans, tank it with a tape sealed, put it in the refrigerator, the temperature maintained at 5 ℃ will be the most appropriate.