Can you really lose weight by drinking tea?

Published: Friday 23 March, 2018



To be clear, weight loss is a combined result of a balanced diet and proper exercise, and drinking tea has no obvious effect on weight loss no matter which type of tea it is. Tea contains caffeine which can enhance the effect of nervous excitation, so you can refresh yourself with a cup of tea.


The polyphenols, caffeine and other substances in tea have a certain effect on reducing blood fat, blood sugar and blood pressure. And drinking tea helps to digestion and promotes diuresis. However, with all its benefits, drinking tea will not play a significant role in improving metabolism and promoting fat consumption. So it's not advisable to lose weight by drinking tea since it only works as an auxiliary means.


As for what tea to drink, you can choose according to your personal taste. Do you prefer the fragrance of green tea or the mellow taste of black tea? Also, you may choose the tea by its properties: for example, green tea is not fermented, while black tea is fully fermented. If you have a weak stomach, you should choose black tea because its mild to the stomach.


In addition, some people would suggest obesity to drink strong tea on an empty stomach, or to drink strong tea right after meals. Don't do that! It's a wrong way to lose weight. Why? If you drink strong tea before meals, you would have less desire to eat food at the moment, but after a while, you'll feel hungry or even stomachache, and then you may seek a bunch of snacks and biscuits to cover this hunger, finally, you'll regret the tea; If you drink strong tea right after meals, you'll intake too much caffeine, which can stimulate gastric acid and intestinal gastric juice, causing stomach discomfort.


So when you drink tea, you must also master the right method. Remember not to drink strong tea on an empty stomach. After dinner, you should not drink tea immediately (it does affect digestion). Before going to bed, do not drink strong tea.



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