The Origin and Features of Enshi Yulu Tea

Published: Tuesday 19 December, 2017

 EnshiYulu is one of Chinese tradition famous green tea. It produced in Enshi City, Hubei Province.The leaves of Enshi Yulu Tea are thin and tight, with white hair. The color is dark green, the shape is like pine nedles, the tea soup is clean and bright, the fragrance is fresh and the taste is mellow. A story is going around that a tea merchant who lived in Enshi City built a tea stove and baked tea personally during the Kangxi years of Qing Dynasty. The tea leaves were tight, straight, green as jade. So he called it"Enshi Yulv"(Enshi Green Jade). In 1936, tea officer, Yangrunzhi tried steaming green tea instead of frying green tea, which made the tea soup bright green ,the leaves hair white as jade. So the "Enshi Yulv" was renamed “Enshi Yulu”. In 1945, Enshi Yulu Tea was sold to Japan and become famous in the world.