Tell your friends the most proper time to drink tea

Published: Wednesday 17 January, 2018

As is well-known, a cup of tea a day keeps the doctor way. Especially when you're in a long-term persistence. The key of keeping fit by drinking tea is to maintain the most proper time. As long as you drink tea in the righ way, you'll get twice with half the effort.


When is the best time to drink tea?


Drinking tea at morning:

After one-night break, our body run out a lot of water and the blood concentration becomes larger. Drink a cup of light tea at this time can not only add the body's required water and clean your stomach, but also lower the blood pressure and thinner blood. These are good to your health. Even doing like this can also defend you against constipation. But remember that you shouldn't drink thick tea in this time. We suggest that drinking black tea in the morning in consideration of it can help human body's blood circulation. In the meanwhile, it can also make you get rid of inner algidity.


Drinking tea at about 3:00pm:

Drinking tea at this time can play a role of conditioning the human body to enhance the body's resistance and prevent cold. This is the most important time in one day to drink tea. Commonly we call it afternoon tea. For some "three-highs" people , If you insist on drinking afternoon tea, you may get the effect that drugs can not achieved. Generally human bodies are in the excessive internal heat in the afternoon and green tea & oolong tea are both helpful to this symptom.


Drinking tea at about 8:30pm:

Many people might have some misunderstanding about drinking tea in the evening. It makes them afraid of bad sleeping. Actually that's the most active time of human's immune system. If someone drink a cup of tea in the evening, his body will be easy to repair and recover the immune system and remake cells. Green tea is not a good choice in this time because it isn't a fermented tea and it has irritating effects to the human body. You can choose to drink dark tea, especially cooked Pu'er. It's a pure and soft beverage which will not affect your normal sleeping. And after dinner drink dark tea can help break down the accumulated fat, it will warm your stomach and help digestion.