How to Select Spring Tea Correctly?

Published: Sunday 01 April, 2018

 Spring Tea is made by the tea leaves which sprout after winter. The tea buds contains  sufficient organic matter after a winter dormancy and nutrient accumulation. In addition, the temperature in spring is moderate and the rainfall is adequate, which made the spring tea buds big and fleshy. Especially the first spring tea contain the essence of the whole spring. Whether it is green tea, black tea or Pu'er,the tea all seek the head of spring. And there is no any kind of tea more loving spring than green tea.


 First-picking -tea

 When the spring comes, the tea farmers first pick the thimbleful tea leaves which have achieve the picking standard. Because the quantity of these tea leaves is very small, the scope of screening is very small. Besides, first-picking-tea has large moisture content. So the quality of this kind tea is not necessarily the best of the head-spring-tea.


 As long as the tea leaves are picked for the first time of the year, the  tea is called first-spring tea. For the Chinese famous tea, first-spring-tea represents the high quality. But the picking time off different first-spring-tea is different. The picking time of green tea is from February to April. Sichuang Yibin Tea is picked form Mid February, Fuding White Tea is picked from the beginning of March.

 Tea tree contains abundant material after a winter recuperation. Besides, the temperature is generally low before Qingming,the number of germination of tea tree is small and the the growth rate is slow, which makes the little output of the tea leaves reaching the picking standard. So there is also anecdotal "Tea before Qingming, as precious as gold".

 Tea before Grain Rain

 Though Tea before Grain Rain is not as tender as tea before Qinming  is, it is tasty. Because the temperature is high in this time, and  the tea buds grow quickly and contain more abundant material.

 Picking Standard

 1.The whole bud

The whole bud also is called single bud . This kind of tea bud just sprouts from the tea tree.

 2.One bud with one new leaf

 It means the first leaf of the tea tree shoots just unfolded. The most typical tea  suitable for this picking standard is West Lake Dragon Tea.

 3.One bud with one leaf

 It means the first tea leaf just sprout after the first tea bud sprouted. For example, Enshi Yulu Tea which is made by one bud with one leaf has white hair, thin and straight appearance , fresh flavor and taste.

 4.One bud with two new leaves

 It means that the second tea leaf of new shoot just unfold.


 Every classic green tea has its highest standard of picking. Different green tea has different raw material level requirement. It is not right that the more tender spring is better.


 The earlier spring tea is not necessarily better

 There is a bias in the market, that "The earlier spring tea is better". Especially in the market trend of higher tea consumption in recent years, it has gradually become a heated cognitive concept. However, this concept is not correct.


 First of all, the picking time of excellent tea is different every year.


 Take green tea for example, at the end of February, the first batch of spring tea in Guangxi, Chongqing and Zhejiang have begun to be picked. By the middle of March, the Mengding yellow bud of Sichuan Mengding Mountain and the Duyun Maojian of Guizhou have begun to be picked. In late March, Ziyang selenium enriched tea, Hanzhong Xianhao,Zhejiang Dragon Well Tea and  Anji white tea will also start picking. In the early April, it was the picking time of famous green tea,such as Biluochun, Huangshan Mao Feng, Enshi Yulu and so on. By the middle of April, Laoshan green tea and tea growing in Qinling deep mountain tea garden begin to be picked.


 Secondly, The growth and picking time of different kinds of tea are different.


 According to the varieties of tea, there are super early, early, middle and late species. But it is mainly for Jiangsu and Zhejiang tea areas . In fact, the so-called "early " may not be prominent in taste, but the time of germination is different.


 It's just like children of the same age. Because of different physical quality, there will be someone who develops early and some grow later. Because the growing environment of different tea producing areas is different, so the time of listing is not the same. It doesn't mean that the earlier spring tea is better, the better. You must keep your eyes open when you select spring tea!

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