How to choose the suitable tea for yourself in winter?

Published: Wednesday 13 December, 2017

Different teas have different natures: black tea is sweet in flavor and warm in property, so it raises people's yang-energy; green tea is cold in property, thus good at clearing away heat; oolong tea promoting appetite and fluid secretion; floral tea nourishing the liver. According to the traditional Chinese medical science, tea has the effect of curing and preventing diseases, but different kinds of tea are applicable for different indications. Everyone should choose suitable varieties for themselves.


  • Black tea can warm up your body and prevent flu 

If you would like to drink tea in winter, then black tea can be the best choice. Black tea contains rich protein and sugar which not only help us to warm abdomen, enhance cold resistance, but also help digest and eliminate excess fat. In some districts of China, local people are used to drinking black tea with sugar, milk, and sesame in order to dispel cold and make nutrition balanced.


Preventing flu is very necessary for us in winter, and drink black tea or gargle with black tea can do. Besides, drinking black tea also helps to prevent osteoporosis and reduce the incidence of skin cancer, this makes black tea adored by a large popularity. Since black tea is a type of fermented tea, it is particularly suitable for those who are physically weak. Experts of best-tea suggest you add 3 to 5 grams of loose black tea per cup and drink up the tea when it remains hot.


  • Green tea can clear away excessive internal heat

The climate is dry in winter while many people like to eat greasy and spicy food in this season, so the excessive internal heat which brings constipation, dry mouth and even mouth sore become a health problem that troubles a lot of people. In this condition, we can turn to green tea.

Drinking green tea can relieve our inflammation, quench our thirst, help us to digest and lower the blood lipid. Therefore, green tea benefits for those who are overweight, prone to get inflammation, or usually smoke and drink. However, you'd better drink less green tea if you have stomach trouble.


  • Oolong tea can relieve dry mouth and lips

Oolong tea goes through slight fermentation after the same process of green tea. With the help of some probiotics, it generates more fresh flavors and the smell of orchid. Oolong tea is aromatic and tasty with both merits of green tea and black tea. Since oolong tea is mild-natured, it can soothe throats and calm coughs. For those people who have put on weight in winter, drinking oolong tea is good for weight reducing.


  •  Scented tea can ease depression

Scented tea is made from green tea smoked with adding different flowers such as jasmine, magnolia, osmanthus, rose and so on. The aroma of scented tea is really refreshing. If the cold winter makes you feel depressed, please make a cup of scented tea and enjoy it. That will definitively cheer you up.