How to drink tea wisely?

Published: Monday 16 October, 2017

Chinese people have the habit of drinking tea, in addition to its delicious flavour, tea is a healthy drink, because studies found that some of its ingredients contribute to physical health care. Although there are many benefits of tea, you should know how to drink tea wisely.


Catechin is the main polyphenol in tea. A research pointed out that catechin has properties of , antioxidation and antibiosis, it can reduce the risk of heart disease, prevent cancer, lower blood lipid and eliminate odor, etc. The healthy food logo marked on the package of tea beverage is  mainly refer to physiological function of catechin. Although there are many benefits of tea, there are still several things to note:


Don’t drink tea immediately after meals

You’d better not drink tea along with meals or immediately after meals because tannin in tea will reduce iron absorption up to 65%.


Avoid taking medicine after mixing it with tea

Tannin in tea will cause precipitation with certain drugs and affect drug efficacy, for instance, chalybeate, fluoride antibiotics and tetracycline antibiotics will be adsorbed by tannin and alkaloid included in tea, making reduction of drug absorption in the body.


Avoid brewing tea for too long

The longer the tea is brewed , the more tannin releases over time. That is the reason why you shouldn’t drink last night’s tea.


Cold tea

People who are sensitive to caffeine, pregnant women, children, heart disease patients and ulcers patients are not suitable for drinking tea. But studies have shown that cold tea after 12 hours’ brewing has only 1/3 caffeine of hot brewed tea for 5 minutes. If you really want a cup of tea, then try cold tea with less caffeine.


Tea should not be used as a supplement after exercise

Tea has diuretic effect, so it is not suitable to be used as a water supplement after exercise or water loss.


Be careful with sugar

Tea drinks with sugar and half sugar are popular on the market, and you should be careful before you drink them. Drink tea with sugar would increase caloric intake, so it is suggested that people with diabetes, hyperlipidemia and overweight not drink those sugary tea drinks.


Add fresh milk instead of cream balls

Western style tea is recommended to replace the cream balls with fresh milk in order to avoid excessive intake of calories.


Pay attention to preservation

Fruit tea need to be paid particular attention to preservation, because the fruit contains a lot of moisture, which let it become damp and mildew easily. It is a good choice to use desiccant or stored it in the refrigerator, but no matter what kind of tea you have, you must pay attention to the preservation period.