We know how afternoon tea works

Published: Friday 30 March, 2018


When it reaches 4 p.m., everything stops for tea. Teatime is usually between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m., and the English people usually choose parlor or living room to arrange afternoon tea. While nowadays, the British prefer to go to hotels, cafes or other places that offer afternoon tea.


Generally speaking, the special tea materials for afternoon tea are black teas like Keemun tea, Darjeeling tea, Earl Grey tea, or Ceylon tea with a splash of milk per cup. People may not stick with black tea now, some of them even drink coffee, wine or cola according to their preference.


The tea wares served for afternoon tea was and remains exquisite. They are a set of teapot, teacups and other utensils made of Bone Porcelain. Desserts are placed basically on a three-layer plate. All kinds of salty ham or cheese sandwiches fill the bottom plate. The traditional English snack - scones are put on the middle plate. People spread jam and butter on each bite of scones. Besides scones, there are cream puffs, biscuits or chocolate on the plate. The top plate usually comes with cakes or fruit tarts. The order of having those deserts should follow the taste rule from light to heavy, and salty to sweet. Teatime requires for formal wear, that is to say, ladies wear long skirts with lace, and men wear suits.


Brewing method

1. Put a spoonful of loose tea (2.5-3 grams) in every cup, the amount can be added or reduced as appropriate to you.

2. After pouring freshly boiled water into the teapot, cover the lid for 4-5 minutes. If the tea is to be drunk with milk, the brewing time can be a little bit longer.

3. Gently stir the tea with a teaspoon back and forth to make the tea balance in flavor and then pour the tea into a cup by using a tea strainer. If you drink milk tea, remember to add milk in the cup before you pour the tea.



Afternoon tea is arranged by the hostess. And she will prepare more than two kinds of tea, such as Chinese black tea, India black tea and so on according to the guests' preferences. To impress the guest, she selects the finest tea set in the house.


Although the delicious black tea is the focus, if the cakes are made by the hostess or the teapot cozy is sewed by her, the party would be more lovely and popular. The receipts for tea and desserts are handed on from generation to generation. During teatime, The hostess should prepare to refill their cups after they drink up their tea.


As for the guests, they'd better arrive on time, but not too early. When drinking tea, don't forget to raise up the teacup and appreciate it as well as praise the nice flavor of the tea.


The British love tea more than we can expect. No matter they are in poverty, famine or war, they will not give up the habit of drinking tea.


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