Make Things Clear Before Drinking Spring Tea

Published: Wednesday 07 February, 2018

Unconsciously, it came to spring tea mining season, some places such as Yibin has freshly baked their early tea. It had been one after another put into market so people can try it at first time.

People often say that "drink tea to be new, drink spirit to be old", If so? Is Spring tea safe? Is new tea better than the old? These problems often trouble everyone, Today, we work together to explore these issues for you one by one.

Spring tea less worms 
Now haze is serious around, the air pollution is heavy. Some people say that tea is not definitely safe and reliable. Pesticide residues, heavy metals and harmful microorganisms are the major insecure factors in tea.
It is understood that at present our country pest control in the tea plant is based on using pyrethroid pesticides. These pesticides are poorly soluble in water, very little of them dissolved in tea, less than 10% of the amount of dry tea detected, .
In addition, many tea areas in China especially famous green tea areas, Due to the low temperatures during the Spring Tea season, there are few pests and diseases. Therefore, pesticides are not required.
Besides, the most important indicator of heavy metal content of tea is lead content. Leaching rate of heavy metals in tea is very low, such as lead in the case of continuous brewing 3 times, the leaching rate is only 18%. China's tea content of heavy metals has strict rules. The tea in processing have been carried out with high-temperature frying or baking, there is usually no harmful microorganisms.
In general, per capita amount of tea drinking in our country is less than 10 grams, intake is very low, combined with the leaching rate of pesticides and heavy metals in tea is rare, the intake of pesticides and heavy metals by drinking tea are less than the daily allowable intake's 5% amount of human body. Therefore, tea is safe.

Spring tea is not only green tea
Many people think that only the green tea is spring tea. In fact, spring tea mainly is bud tea, and green tea is the most of spring tea. As many other teas will also be pick in this time to make production.
The type of tea are seasonally sorted into spring tea, summer tea and autumn tea. In general, spring tea refers to the tea that is harvested from the buds of the first germination of the tea tree after the winter, and also refers to the tea leaves harvested before the end of May of the same year. Spring tea, in addition to well-known green tea such as West Lake Longjing, Dongting Biluochun, Huangshan Maofeng, Lushan Yunwu, the Anxi Tieguanyin rock tea's picking time ranging from the end of April to May. Pu'er tea in Yunnan BanZhang area is about to be picked in the middle of March each year, so spring tea is not just green tea.

New tea is better than the old?
In our daily life, it has always been "New tea deserves it". But not all new tea is better than the old. Freshly picked spring tea is too stimulating to drink because of the superfluous non-oxidized polyphenols and aldehydes. They both are easy to make people have gastrointestinal discomfort.
Additionally, the caffeine, active alkaloids and a variety of aromatics content in new tea is higher, and easy to nerve nervous system. Drinkers may have limb weakness, cold sweat dripping and insomnia and other "tea drunk" phenomenon. Neurasthenia, heart Patients with cerebrovascular disease should be especially vigilant.
Therefore, experts suggest that the spring tea after buying should be kept for a while at the best place, at least should be stored for more than half a month. And so, the polyphenols in the tea will automatic oxidate. Drink it after gastrointestinal stimulation get reduced, the taste of tea will be even more mellow, and warm your stomach more. For example, if the new Longjing tea has been collected in the ashtray for a month or two, the flavor will be better. As long as the Pu'er tea, LiuBao tea, FuZhuan tea, Oolong tea properly kept, the next year the same fragrant flavor and mellow taste it will be.