How long have been these "Tea Knowledge" cheating you?

Published: Sunday 11 February, 2018

In the mixed market, not only the quality of the tea varies greatly, even tea sellers use their words to lure tea-lovers to buy tea. Some of them also violate the quality of tea, so tea-lovers should carefully polish their eyes.

Not bitter is not tea
This may be already a familiar phrase for tea buddies, but this is not a truth. Usually tea is of bitter, but good tea has good astringency that quickly converts the bitterness of tea into light sweetness. The faster the conversion does, the better the tea is. If the bitter taste stays in mouth and can not be converted to sweetness, then the quality of the tea is probably not good. Tea-lovers should better take care of being cheated by "Not bitter is not tea" .

Good or bad tea, just fine
This sentence should be quite justified, but the premise of the establishment of this sentence is to pass the quality of tea. Many tea merchants out of context are selling bad tea under the banner of these words. Drink high-quality tea every day, the mouth will tell you that tea is good or not. But palatability is true, the premise is also based on the quality of the tea clearance.

No aroma tea aslo has its rhyme
This sentence itself is contradictory. Tea rhyme is a special feeling or status when you're tasting tea, while aroma is a basic standard for judging the quality of tea. No aroma, no tea rhyme. What's more, Guanyinyun is famous of Tieguanyin tea.

Tea farmers always produce good tea
We won't rule out that some farmers' tea is good, but the majority of tea farmers' conditions are limited, there is no complete tea technology, so the production of crude tea is not always good tea.

I know × × tea master
This sentence is more like a boast of self-means, selling tea is not a matter of human sentiment, not to mention that a well-known tea master is not a celebrity for good tea all the time. Isn't the product quality that a lot celebrities endorsed not good either? On the other hand, there are too many masters that we can not recognize all of them.