How to Deal with The Metamorphic Tea?

Published: Sunday 25 March, 2018

 Does Tea metamorphism means the tea storage time exceeds the shelf life marked on the packaging bag? The answer is not.

 Some tea can still be drunk after shelf life, such as old black tea and white tea. While some tea which is affected with damp or exposed  to sunlight directly is not suitable for drinking though it is still in it's shelf life. Therefore, it is unsuitable to determine whether the tea is deteriorated only through the shelf life.


 How to distinguish whether the tea is deteriorating?

 The factors affecting the deterioration of tea are mainly five aspects: temperature, humidity, oxygen, light and odor. High temperature, excessive humidity, high oxygen content, direct sunlight and strange smell will all lead to the deterioration of tea. How canwe judge whether the tea we store has deteriorated? We can start from the following three aspects.

 1.Watch the color of the tea. We can identify whether the tea leaves is deteriorated by the color of the dried tea leaves. The color of normal tea is glossy and fresh, if there is black or grey white mildew on the tea leaves, the tea is already deteriorated. In terms of texture, expired tea leaves are mostly lighter and less flexible.

 In addition, we can also watch the color of tea. The normal colors of six kinds tea are:green tea has green soup; black tea has black soup, dark tea has brown red soup, white tea has apricot yellow soup, oolong tea has golden soup and yellow tea has yellow soup. If the tea is not old tea which is suitable for storing for a long time, you should pay more attention when the tea soup the tea is obviously thickened and darkened.

 2.Smell. You need to pay more attention if tea has musty, burning taste and sour smell.

 3.Taste. The original taste of the deteriorated tea soup will be greatly reduced, the bitterness will be more, and the aftertaste or the degree of convergence will also be significantly reduced.


 How to save the slightly deteriorated tea?

 In terms of the tea which is affected with damp slightly ,  has no obvious change and mildew, we can place the tea in a tea tray ,then place the tea tray in a cool(25℃ is suitable),dry(70% is suitable), ventilated and dorless place. The tea treated by this method will lose its fragrance and refreshing feeling, but overall quality is not hindering.


 The use of metamorphic tea

 But if your favorite tea is mildew, for safety, you shouldn't drink it. Though the metamorphic tea can't be drink, it still has many magical effect.

 1.Dehumidification and deodorization

Place the expired tea leaves in the container, such as drawer, refrigerator, furniture or footwear, which can help absorb moisture, remove the odor, but also exudes a touch of fragrance.

 2.As a fertilizer

Soak the expired tea and pour the tea leaves into the plant pot, which can promote the growth of the plants and help the development and reproduction of the flowers and plants.

 3.Remove the dirt

 Soak the expired tea leaves in the thermos bottle can remove scale  and make the thermos bottle recover it's original color.(Washing the thermos bottle  by warm water several times after this.)

 We can brew the expired tea leaves and use the tea soup to wash silk clothes, which will make the silk clothes keep its original brilliance.

 4.Make a pillow or sachet

 We can use  expired dry tea or dry tea-leaf to made soft and fragrant pillow or sachet. The pillow or sachet is suitable for people with high blood pressure or insomnia.

 5.Bactericidal hemostasis

 Using tea soup brewed by expired tea to rinse the mouth can treat stomatitis, tongue carbuncle, eczema, bleeding gums.Tea contains a large amount of tannic acid, which has a strong bactericidal effect, especially for the killing of the filamentous bacteria of the foot. In addition, brewing the tea leave into thick juice and using it to wash feet will remove beriberi.

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