Drinking tea can reduce the dangers of smoking

Published: Monday 16 October, 2017

According to a survey completed by WHO, the British Imperial Cancer Research Fund and the American Cancer Society, one person will die from smoking caused diseases every 10 seconds in the world, and at least 3 million 150 thousand people die for the reason of smoking every year and the number is increasing. This is undoubtedly a warning signal for smokers.


From a human health perspective, quitting smoking is imperative. And for those smokers who still feel difficult to give up smoking, drinking tea is the best way to reduce the risk of smoking. Because the tea polyphenols, vitamin C and other ingredients can degrade a variety of harmful substances in cigarette. For smokers, there are three major benefits of drinking tea :


First, it can reduce the possibility of smoking induced cancer. Tea has anti-cancer effect. Tea polyphenols can inhibit the release of free radicals and control the proliferation of cancer cells. Free radicals are a group of harmful wastes produced in the process of respiration and metabolism while the body is consuming oxygen. The main types of catechin substances of tea polyphenols is an antioxidant and a strong inhibitor of free radicals. It can inhibit tumor caused due to smoking. After the tea polyphenol enters the human body, it can cause the carcinogen to decompose, thus suppresses the cancer cells growing.


Second, drinking tea can help reduce the radiation pollution caused by smoking. Dr. Joseph Difranza from the University of Massachusetts Medical Center estimated that when one smokes 30 cigarettes per day, his lungs get the amount of radiation of radioactive substances in cigarettes within a year equivalent to his chest be X-rayed about 300 times. Hopefully, catechins and lipopolysaccharides in tea can reduce the harm of radiation to human body, and have significant protective effect on hematopoietic function.


Third, drinking tea can prevent cataracts that are caused by smoking. Compared with those who have never smoked, people smoke over 20 cigarettes per day are twice more likey to get cataracts than non-smokers and the risk is higher when they smoke heavier. It is believed that the cause of cataract is due to oxidation of free radicals in the human body acting on the eye lens. Tea polyphenols produced by the decomposition of antioxidants can prevent the formation of free radicals in the body's oxidation reaction. Tea contains more carotenes than average vegetables and fruits, which has the function of preventing cataract and protecting eyes. Drinking tea is good for smokers to protect their eyesight.


Drinking tea can only be used as a remedy in the process of smoking cessation in order to minimize the harm caused by smoking. For your own health, quitting smoking is the best solution.