Do you know the four principles of drinking tea?

Published: Thursday 19 April, 2018

 Many people have misunderstandings about tea, which will bring some hidden dangers to health. Especially for the elderly, tea must follow the four principles of "early, little, light and warm", which can make the body healthy.

 Early: Drinking tea in the morning is the best choice

 After a day and a night's metabolism, human body consumed a lot of water, the concentration of blood is large. So, drinking a cup of light tea can not only add water, but also dilute the blood and prevent the damage of the gastric mucosa. Caffeine contained  in tea has an excitatory effect and and this effect will last for a period of time. If you drink tea in the afternoon or night, you will loose sleep, which will have a certain impact on health.

 Little: Drinking a small amount of tea is appropriate.

 A large amount of liquid gets into the blood vessel, itself will increase the burden of the heart,  the caffeine and theophyllinum contained in tea are stimulants, can make the body's heartbeat faster, blood pressure increases. If you drink too much tea, it will produce discomfort symptoms such as chest tightness and heart palpitations, which can easily cause heart failure and other diseases. Except, a large amount of tea will dilute gastric juice, reduce the concentration of gastric juice, and thus produce dyspepsia, abdominal distention, abdominal pain and other symptoms, especially those suffering from duodenal ulcer must drink a small amount of tea.

 Light: Drinking light tea is suitable

 Tea contains tannic acid. Tannic acid can react with iron in food to produce new substances which are hard to dissolve. When people drinks a lot of strong tea, the combination of tannic acid and iron will be more active, which will impede the absorption of iron in the human body. The old man will get hypoferric anemia after drinking thick tea. Besides, the tannic acid can combine with the protein in the food to produce a lumpish tannin protein which  is not easy to be absorbed, which will have a serious impact on the elderly who have constipation.

 Warm: Drinking warm tea is good

 It has been proved by some experiments that drinking warm tea can reduce the " internal heat" of the human body because of the cool nature of the tea.

 Avoid drinking cold tea and overheated tea. Because drinking cold tea not only can not clear the phlegm, but will have the side effects of injuring the spleen, stomach and phlegm. Drinking overheated and scalded tea will cause strong irritation to the throat, esophagus and stomach. It may also cause mucosal lesions in these organs.

 Warm tips: People who like drinking tea should follow the four principles" early, little, light, warm”. Then you can drinking tea healthily.

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