Do You Know How to Use Tea Leaves to Cook These Famous Chinese Dishes?

Published: Wednesday 11 April, 2018

 In recent years, tea dishes are becoming popular in China. Many Chinese famous chefs have developed a variety of tea dishes. Many famous tea, such as Longjing,Queshe, Biluochun are used to toning and increase fragrance. Tea leaves also can be made into condiments, such as tea sauce, tea wine.


 Pu'er Tea Stewed Spareribs

 Compared to spareribs braised in brown sauce, sweet and sour spareribs,spareribs stewed with Pu'er is more lighter and healthier. The taste is bitter but back to the sweet, the taste is more profound.

 Main ingredients: spareribs

 Seasoning: Puer tea, oil, onion, ginger, star anise, sugar and salt.


 1.Put Pu'er into the tea bag;

 2.Seal the tea bag;

 3.Wash spareribs and boil spareribs for a moment, then drain water;

 4.Heat oil, add the onion and ginger and stir out their fragrance, put spareribs into the pot and stir fry evenly;

 5.Add water to submerge spareribs 1-2cm, when the water boiled, put tea bag and star anise into the pot;

 6.Stew spareribs by big fire for 10 minutes, turn to medium and small fire and continue to stew for half an hour until the soup is thick. Add salt 10 minutes before finishing and add sugar 5 minutes before finishing.

 7.Sprinkle chives or coriander for embellishment.


 Stir-fried Shrimps with Dragon Well Tea Leaves

 Main ingredients: shrimp, Dragon Well tea

 Seasoning: hot water, salt, starch, Yellow Wine


 1.Strip the shrimp shell and pick out the shrimp line;

 2.Wash shelled fresh shrimps by fresh water, then drain the water;

 3.Break the onion and ginger and soak them in the yellow wine , put shelled fresh shrimps into bowl, add a little yellow wine and stir until the shelled fresh shrimps become sticky, then add starch and stand for one hour;

 4.Brew Dragon Well Tea Leaves by 85℃-90℃ water for one minute,pour out a little tea leaves , the rest of the tea leaves and tea sauce is for use;

 5.Heat oil, then put shelled fresh shrimps,stir fry for a little while and quickly leave the pot to avoid the aging of shrimp.

 6.Leave a small amount oil in the pot and pour shrimps , tea leaves and tea sauce into the pot;

 7.Add yellow wine and salt, stir fry for several times and remove dish from the pot to serve.


 The Aftertaste Tea Shrimps

 Main ingredients: 300 grams of  shrimp , 50 grams of Spring Snail

 Seasonings: garlic, red pepper, oil, salt and pepper powder, black pepper, soy sauce, salt


1.Use warm water to wash tea leaves;

2. Pour boiling water into bowl to steep tea leaves until tea leaves spread;

3. Drain the water of tea leaves for use;

4.Wash shrimp;

5.Boil the water in the pot, add the right amount of salt, pour the shrimps,pick the shrimps up when the body bend,;

6.Put the shrimps into tea soup and soak the shrimps for half  hour, then drain the water;

7.Heat oil, put shrimps and fry until the color of shrimps become dark, then fry shrimps again until the shell of shrimps become crisp;

8.Leave some oil in the pot, drain the water of tea leaves, pour tea leaves into the pot and stir fry them until they become fragrant and crisp;

9.Put green pepper and garlic and stir fry them;

10.Pour the shrimps, add salt and pepper powder, black pepper  and light soy sauce, stir fry for a while to serve.

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