Different Cultures Have the Same Tea Drinking Habits

Published: Monday 16 October, 2017

As we all know that tea is one of the most popular pastime beverages in the modern global society. Let’s take a look at a few tea drinking cultures from around the world, some of which you might find your daily routine.


One can safely say that China is the birthplace of tea, which can date back to the five-thousand-year-old history of tea engraved in Chinese culture that holds strong to this very day. Tea was a staple in ancient Chinese medicine, and hundreds of tea variations are used for medicinal purposes. We can learn that tea drinking has been a lifestyle of Chinese foe hundreds of years.


Much like in China, tea making, pouring and drinking is deeply engraved in the spiritual and cultural heritage of Japan. Matcha is served, a variation of green tea finely ground, grown and processed to express a truly unique taste and aroma of Japan. The process of tea is an art form of Japanese culture.


Britain is well-known around the world for its never-ending tea craze. Interestingly, this cultural phenomenon is still present in many households and workplaces around the country. Exporting various tea flavours for almost two hundred years, tea has become a staple of modern British culture, most popularly portrayed by the customary afternoon tea.


A daily necessity in India. India is most famous for its chai, or black tea. This popular beverage is often infused with spices. A Unique aroma existing. India is not a native land to tea, where this beverage was popularised and incorporated into the daily customs and habits in the 19th century.


The uniqueness in Moroccan tea culture comes from their popular and deeply spiritual Touareg, or mint tea, and its variations. Tea is strongly linked to hospitality in Moroccan culture.


Perhaps these rich traditions and customs will spark a desire in your own heart to discover a cup of tea belongs to yourself, and even make tea drinking your own daily ritual. Find a perfect tea on best-tea.com.