China’s Tea Industry: Ten Hot Topics In 2017 (2)

Published: Wednesday 17 January, 2018

Zhang Tianfu, a famous tea scientist, died at the age of 108

The famous tea master Zhang Tianfu passed away on June 4, 2017. The age of 108 he lived is called Chashou ( tea age) in China. Mr. Zhang was an outstanding Chinese tea scientist and educator enjoyed a high reputation. He was born in Shanghai on August 18, 1910. Have gone through one hundred years of China's winding course of development, he hoped that tea could achieve his industrial and national salvation ideal. He introduced science and technology to create tea education and brought the Chinese dream from the Twentieth Century to the Twenty-first Century.


Zhang Tianfu


In almost every time, he knew what his countrymen needed and what kind of tea they wanted. He designed and created China's first hand-moving rolling machine which effectively improved the production efficiency of tea. He was the one who brought the Chinese tea industry from the agricultural age to semi-mechanical age. He had also pioneered the introduction of a full set of black tea manufacturing machinery and equipment from Japan, such as withering machine, rolling machine, unravel machine, and dryer. Since then, China's tea industry stepped into the machinery era.


At his 70s, Mr. Zhang proposed the tea spirit of "thrifty, honesty, harmony and peace", which impetus to the rise of tea culture. This centenarian was still obsessed with tea and planted organic tea garden in his late years. He loved this land and tea so much that he worked hard all his life to complete his great plan for developing China's tea industry.


China has succeeded in deciphering tea genome for the first time

Hearing the news, most people would wonder that why tea genome has only recently been deciphered. And this exposes the huge gap between tea science and public awareness, and it also shows that the level of tea scientific research in a global situation receives little attention.


tea genome


Coffee, cocoa, and tea are the three major plant beverage in the world. The genome of coffee and cocoa has been sequenced by European and American countries. Compared with them, tea genome has characteristics of high heterozygosity, high repetition, and large group. In 2010, the researcher Gao Lizhi of Kunming Botanical Research Institute leads a team researching plant germplasm resources, genomics and bioinformatics to start the tea genome project, after many years of research time and they finally successfully obtained the first tea genome of high reference value in the world.


This achievement will have an important impact on the research, protection, and exploitation of the rich wild plant germplasm resources not only in Yunnan province but also in the whole China. Also, its unique technological and cultural charm will boost the Belt and the Road and carry Chinese tea culture further in the near future.


The eight tea masters and Xiaoguan Tea

The word“master” has a really complicated context in China. Many people have racked their brains but cannot come up with any solution to combine master with tea. While Du Guoying's way is so simple and effective. He packages tea in little tin cans to make it more convenient to drink tea and print eight tea masters on the covers of eight different types of tea. This is how Xiaoguan Tea created.




High-end tea is actually far away from the mass people in China. Tea making is roughly divided into two kinds of situations: brewing a big cup of strong tea directly or brewing tea through complex processes. There is no standard to buy tea in the market, and it's inconvenient to have a cup of premium tea. The design philosophy behind the Xiaoguan Tea is to improve tea lovers' tea-drinking experience.


Among many tea companies, Xiaoguan Tea is not the one which spent the most advertising expense but its advertisement becomes most effective. Now, when the masters talk about their products, they also do not forget to add: "my products are sold well in Xiaoguan Tea." It is said that this year the sales of Xiaoguan Tea have exceeded 1 billion yuan. This is really excellent in the tea industry.