What’s the most popular tea in the world?

Published: Friday 16 March, 2018

Black tea is the most popular type of tea around the world, and there are more than 20 countries and regions all over the world producing black tea. At present, northeastern India, the Himalayan foothills, Indonesia, the southern Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Chinese inland nine southern provinces and Taiwan, Kenya, and Indonesia are the main tea producing areas.


After being plunked, black tea goes through processes like fermentation and desiccation and then become the type of full fermented tea. In Europe, especially in Britain, black tea has become a “national drink". Japanese also show their love to black tea by setting  November 1st as the "Black Tea Day".


black tea


People know the catechin and many other nutrients contained in this type tea can reduce cholesterol, anti-aging and anti-cancer. Also, black tea contains caffeine, tannic acid, vitamin B, vitamin E, potassium, nicotinic acid, carotene, manganese, copper, iron, nickel, fluorine and so on. Production season: from March to November.


Brewing method: steep the tea in hot water. These groups of people shouldn't drink black tea: pregnant women, the old, people who have allergies or deficiency-cold physique patients with elevated blood pressure. Besides, if you often have difficulty falling asleep at night, then you'd better avoid drinking black tea before sleep. In addition,  because of the overnight tea would dissolve more tannic acid, which does hurt the stomach, it’s not suitable for drinking.


What's the health benefits?

The tea tannin in black tea can reduce blood cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis, and anti-aging, prevent stroke, diarrhea, influenza, sterilization, and also can strengthen the tooth, avoid tooth decay, reduce tartar accumulation, and eliminate bad breath. Isoflavones in black tea can prevent cataract, inhibit thrombosis and the growth of cancer cells. It can also relieve food poisoning and prevent allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma caused by pollen. Vitamin C contained in black tea can resist scurvy, vitamin E, antioxidant. Caffeine is diuretic, it can eliminate fatigue, promote blood circulation, improve the ability of muscle contraction, heart function, and the brain central nervous acuity. Excellent as black tea, its aroma can make the nerve relax and ease tension.


How to choose the right black tea?

When choosing black tea, you may put some loose leaves on your palm and try to feel the sense of weight. Good black tea leaves are loose, glossy and neat. If the tea smells moldy, don't take it. Well, the best method is to have a try before buying it. Believe your mouth! The right black tea has a clear tea liquor, and you can feel the sweet aroma and the balanced astringency.


The storage of black tea


The preservation period of black tea bags is 2 years, and for aluminum foil tea bags and canned tea bags, it's prolonged to 3 years. Because black tea can only keep its flavor for two months after being unsealed, we suggest you drink up it as early as possible. You can store black tea in a sealed can and place it in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight, moisture and odor. But do not put it in the refrigerator.


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How do we make use of used black tea bags?

If you feel eyestrain, put black tea bags on your eye area, it can help eliminate the fatigue. Used black tea leaves or tea bags can also remove the smell of mutton. Next time when you are cooking fish, don't forget to wipe your hands with them. It's common that black tea is made into blends of fruit teas, but do you know that it can also be used in cooking? Soup, sauce and more. Just exert your imagination!



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