What is the difference between Souchong, Dianhong and Keemun?

Published: Friday 09 February, 2018

Souchong: sweet and fragrant
Souchong is the most sweet and fragrant among them. The soup is also very thick. So it is a good choice for getting started with tea tasting. Stand by the price side, the cheap is miscellaneous taste; the expensive is mellow and supple. Novices may not immediately have this experience, as mentioned earlier, they might love the most direct sweet of the cheap Souchong.

Dianhong: thick and mellow
Dianhong unlike Souchong sweet so, but it's thick and mellow, and even a little indomitableness. Some of my friends started from Dianhong and no longer accepted the other black tea after they falling in love with the strong taste of it. Their love for Dianhong was not the same as the transition from Souchong.
Dianhong's overall style is more strong mellow. It's the big leaf tea's obvious characteristics. On the other hand, a slight sour taste is also normal. High-quality Dianhong distributes the iconic honey incense, accompanied by flower and fruit smell. It has transparent orange color, it is truly attractive and seductive.

Keemun: decent taste
Keemun also has very prominent features: fragrant smell, thick taste, decent flavor. However, it is not as fast attractive favor as Souchong and Dianhong, the beginning would feel bland. Therefore, novices need not come into contact it too early, otherwise it will be a counterproductive situation.
When it comes to Keemun, I have to say "Keemun fragrance". It is a light floral fruit aroma, sostenuto and widely spread. Differ from those can be smelt from afar, Keemun fragrant need to raise the cup under your nose or you won't smell anything. And many black tea have no such flavor if you do the same.