How to prepare Yunhai Bai Hao tea

Published: Friday 22 December, 2017


1.Tea selection: Fresh Yunhai Bai Hao tea with a bud and two leaves. The tea should be greenish and slightly golden. Quality Yunhai Bai Hao has a fresh aroma and neat shape.

2.Water: Spring water is the best choice for brewing Yunhai Bai Hao tea. Because the tea leaves are tender and thin, the water temperature should not be too high, generally, 80-85 ℃ is appropriate.

3.Tea set: Use a glass cup to brew the tea enables you to appreciate how the tea leaves stretch in the water. The leaves look like orchids. If you are a more demanding tea drinker, brewing Yunhai Bai Hao also need to be equipped with: glass pouring kettle, water bottles, natural bamboo tea tray, teaspoon, tea towels and white porcelain plates.