How To Devide Fuding White Tea?

Published: Friday 02 February, 2018

Fuding white tea due to the different picking standards are divided into white bud tea (Tailao silver needle, white bud silver needle) and white leaf tea (white peony, new technology white tea, Gongmei and Shoumei); Fuding white tea because of its different tree varieties of tea, is devided into three categories: Taken from the Fuding local tea trees are called the little white, picked from Dabai trees said the big white, drew from the narcissus tea tree, named the narcissus white. In the Fuding Dabai tea what picked only a sprout, the finished product called white silver needles; What drew only two or three leaves on the bud, the finished product is called white peony; What picked a bud with two or three leaves on Fuding local dishes tea tree, the finished products is named Gongmei or Shoumei. By the side of tea-making categories, the first comes white silver needle, then is the white peony, Gongmei, Shoumei, new technology white tea; The first is the little white, then the big white, by the end the narcissus white. Among them, White Bud Silver Needle is the best in Fuding White Tea, ranked among the top ten famous tea in Chinese history. And Tailao Silver Needle is the treasure of White Bud Silver Needle. Now it has won the reputation of top10 tea of UN Pavilion in Shanghai World Expo and the dedicated tea of UN.