Green Mountains, Clean Water and Quality Tea

Published: Friday 23 February, 2018

 Good mountains and water can produce quality tea. As the major tea-producing area of China, Fujian has a excellent natural condition and abounds with famous tea, such as Wuyi Mountain Da Hongpao, Anxi Tie guanyin and Fuding White Tea.


 Fujian tea is favored by people because of its unique ecological environment advantage. In the World Expo held in Milan, Italy, Fujian tea was on the world stage and showed its charming style.


 Tea is Chinese national drinking and represents health. Green consumption has become a new value orientation and consumption demand. People should not only easily tasting tea , but also drink healthy tea. From the beginning of 2002, the Ministry of agriculture and the National Standards Commission issued a series of industry standards and national standards, whose purpose is to let people can drink ecological and healthy tea.


 Fujian province will complete the transformation of 400 thousand mu standardized ecological tea plantation.The tea plantation comes into being protection forest and economic forest, which is not only a green barrier, but also can regulating the regulate microclimate, enhance the ability of tea tree to resist drought,thus promoting the benign circulation of ecosystem and improving the yield and quality of tea.


 The biggest advantage of Fujian is ecology. The forest coverage rate reached 65.95%. The superior climate, water and soil make Fujian Tea have the unique quality of containing abundant materials and strong fragrance.


 At the 2015 Milan World Expo in Italy,China Pavilion held "tea aroma floats to the world,creating green Fujian Province" thematic activity. This activity took Fujian tea culture, tea ecology and tea trade as the main line, had an rich collection of tea materials which is about Wuyi Mountain and Maritime Silk Road to be shown at the exhibition. The activity let people realize the unique charm and deep meaning of Chinese tea culture represented by Fujian.


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