China’s Tea Industry: Ten Hot Topics In 2017 (3)

Published: Friday 12 January, 2018

The Tumult of Aflatoxins and Pu'er Tea

Fang Zhouzi, the prodigious popularizer of science, wrote an article on drinking Pu’er tea can increase the risk of cancer. This article was widely spread on the Internet and overplayed by the media. Scientists in the tea industry participated in the argument, however, some of them even don't know how is Pu'er tea processed. Apart from tea scientists, lots of people who can't understand the molecular formula retorted upon Fang Zhouzi, in fact, many of them are more of scientific literacy and the spirit of science than those tea scientists.


Pu'er tea


This event has had a profound impact on the tea industry, and several points of it are noteworthy. First, as a substrate, tea is not suitable for aflatoxins to grow, so its possibility of infecting aflatoxins is narrow. Second, according to Fang Zhouzi's acute awareness of hot topics revealed before, the market of Pu'er tea is worth paying attention. And on Nov 11 (the biggest online shopping festival in China), ripe Pu'er tea is sold well. Third, it is clear that most of the food won't remain fresh for a long time, so why Pu'er tea can do? Because in the process of aging, the effective water-soluble contents of Pu'er tea are increased by microbial activity. In this event, this principle has also been widely spread.



Documentaries about Tea are of Great Concern

In this year, the documentary Chinese Tea:Elixir of the Orient won the top award of American television. And the Ministry of Agriculture filmed a promotional video of tea which is named The tea industry in China. So to speak, investing in documentaries about tea is really hot.

 Documentary about tea


In June 2017, Chinese Tea: Elixir of the Orient joint shot by Confucius college in the United States and Georgia public television not only won the sixty-ninth American television Emmy Awards but also won 6 other awards, including the best feature documentary award. For a long time, this ancient oriental leaf has been an important medium of interaction between the East and the west, and now it needs more forms of expression.


In August 2017, the documentary The tea industry in China joint produced by the Jiangsu satellite TV, Beijing Tianrunnong Culture Media Ltd., CCTV Record International Media Ltd., and Beijing Zhongtou Culture Media Ltd. has sparked heated debate both in the tea industry and the public.

These 10 episodes have inspired people to pursue artisan spirit and a better life.


At the end of 2017, the documentary Time is Singing about Pu'er Tea made by the international channel of Yunnan TV and the tea revival team was also successfully reviewed, and it will appear in the public view in 2018.


In addition, the first global publicity film made by the Ministry of Agriculture made a great deal of attention. From the point of investment, VR, AR, and AI are the most popular ones, and the investment in film and television industry has already been the past. But starting from the story of a good Chinese tea, there are many vacancies in the field of tea documentaries, and many opportunities are waiting to be excavated.


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