What is the good time to drink green tea

Published: Sunday 04 March, 2018

Before or After Meals?
What's particularly important is whether you drink green tea before or after meals. Green tea is a super healthy beverage. It's great for the skin, the antioxidants in it fights aging and it shreds fat. But wait, there's a downside, which is that it can be harsh on your stomach! So green tea in the morning on an empty stomach is definitely not a good idea.

To avoid such side effects, it's therefore important to drink it after your meals! Preferably wait for the food to digest slightly for 30 minutes. Then go for it and enjoy a green tea session.

Before or After Exercise?
A frequently asked question related to the weight loss benefits of green tea. Given that you properly ate 2 hours before your exercise it's completely fine to drink small sips of green tea before your exercise. Green tea contains caffeine and may increase your fat burning results during your exercise.

Don't go overboard, it's not good to drink too much of any beverage during intense exercises. Just go for small sips to stay hydrated. Another tip is to steep your green tea somewhat lighter to avoid too much caffeine, which can sometimes stimulate dehydration.

In the Morning or Night?
Mornings and afternoons are great moments for green tea. As said above, the ideal drinking schedule would be 30 minutes after your breakfast and lunch. This is definitely also the best time to drink green tea for weight loss and skin improvement purposes.Green tea also contains lots of caffeine, even more than the black tea, so it can stimulate the nervous system and improve the tone of your vascular walls to increase the blood pressure levels. It helps you boost your metabolism when you need it the most!

It's best to have the green tea on those hot summer days because this beverage is an unfermented type. You can drink green tea hot or cold with several ice cubes. Aside from being an excellent thirst quencher, this can remove radionuclides from your body. When you drink this tea in the very hot weather, you will deal with stress a lot better and it can help to restore the fluids that you lose.